Leaving on a Jet Plane!

I’m missing work. Odd as it sounds, I’ve been out of the office for the better part of a month. It started out with winter break – two full weeks off with Christmas and New Years – and then I went back for two days of work before I left on a work trip. Now that I’m back, we have 2 ‘ice’ days 🙂 I’m ready to get back into a routine!

Now, let’s talk about that work trip! I had the opportunity to travel to Sunnyvale, California on a trip to Apple to learn about evaluating technology in schools. I can’t say too much, but there are some neat things in the works! I’m heartened by the fact that there is an emphasis on researching and documenting the impacts of 1:1 technology.

One of the things I can talk about was my trip to the Apple company store. I had been to the store a couple of years ago and it has changed dramatically. It no longer has the gift shop aesthetic and is more like a full blown Apple Store. That’s nice if you are looking to by an iPad or some Beats headphones, but not optimal if you are hoping to take home souvenirs. Their collection of specialty items has been reduced down to a selection of t-shirts, coffee mugs and water bottles, pens and notebooks. A definite disappointment.

I didn’t let that stop me though! I picked up a couple of t-shirts and a coffee mug.

Typical of the Apple experience, the t-shit packaging was over the top, almost too much for a t-shirt. The shirt came in a thick cardboard box, wrapped in cellophane. The shirt itself has almost ‘dry-fit’ feeling, though they say it’s 100% cotton. The sizing was a bit off from what I typically buy, but fortunately the sales rep said something and let me try the shirt on in store.

All in all, my experience in the company store was positive. The employees were knowledgeable and were willing to let me try things on. We even had a great conversation about my backpack, the Timbuk2 Command. Seems it’s the pack to have for locals!


Matt Lee