On Charging the Apple Pencil: Not So Simple

PSA: If you let your Apple Pencil’s batter drain too low, your iPad will no longer recognize it, and will not charge it.

How did I figure this out? Obviously through personal experience!

It had been a few weeks since I had used the Apple Pencil with my iPad. On Sunday, I was talking to someone at a local coffee shop when they asked about how I liked my iPad Pro. We talked about all the advantages and I went to show how the Pencil works. Much to my surprise, it wouldn’t connect. I figured it’s battery was dead so I plugged it into my iPad to charge. Three hours later and nothing…

When I got home, I tried again. This time I left it plugged into my iPad over night. In the morning I checked and it still had not charged and the iPad would not connect to it. I did some searching online and found a post that suggested that you may need to plug it in to the wall using the female to female lightning connector that came with it. That did it! A few hours later and the Pencil was back to working.

So what happened? Turns out that if the battery in the Pencil gets too low, it doesn’t have enough juice to tell the iPad that it’s plugged in and ask for power. In that case, the adapter allows it to take power from a ‘less intelligent’ source like a lightning cable plugged into an iPhone adapter.

Hopefully this helps someone out!


Matt Lee